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Often we need help to get our ducks in a row, especially in a career change or the search for a new role. I offer guidance to help you do this. I have worked as a hiring partner for over seven years, reviewing thousands of CV's, preparing hundreds of candidates for interviews and negotiating many salaries.

I offer a free consultation to understand what your needs are and see if there's an alignment. We would typically break the following pillars into 3 to 4 x 1 hour sessions across your timeframes (2 months is most effective).

I look forward to helping you secure the role that makes you happy and fulfilled. 

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**This is a confidential service**




This is where we begin your resume. As we know, this is your golden ticket to the interview so we can work together to draw upon the experiences you forgot you had. The value you forgot you added. This resume will showcase all the incredible things you've achieved in your career and just how much value you added in your previous role(s). We will build you a resume that will undoubtedly grab the attention of recruiters and prospective employers. How well you market yourself on paper will determine the role and salary you will secure next, I promise.

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This is a prep session to help you overcome the hurdle of interviewing. Too often, I hear people talk about how 'terrible' they are at interviews. Not true. They are simply out of practice, or, perhaps no one has ever given them constructive feedback before. Maybe their confidence has been knocked in a previous role or company. We will do a trial run, I then provide clear tangible feedback, we look at what you can improve and go through this process until you are ready to kill this interview.


Salary negotiation is the single most uncomfortable part of the job search. Because people hate this part, they so often sell themselves short (sadly especially women). I have to change this for people, not only do I make salary offers for a living, I have tried and tested this myself personally. I know how it works. I have some incredibly powerful tricks to share with you to ensure this never happens again. I will make you comfortable asking for the salary you deserve. I will help unleash the lion inside you.


''As an ex-pat living in Berlin, I've found it challenging to articulate my skills in CV form to German companies.  Amy was instrumental both in helping me find an appropriate layout and distilling my experience in a clear and concise manner that balanced my personal and professional skills.''

Brian Livingston



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